Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Thankful for Generosity

Our family continues to be blessed on a regular basis with incredible generosity.  People who know us, and some who don't know us, continue to help us in so many ways.  Just this Sunday someone anonymously left a beautiful card and some Christmas shopping money in our mailbox at church. What a huge blessing.   Someone who I barely know called me for coffee this week, just to encourage me and hear the latest on how I'm doing.  I get the kindest e-mails encouraging me to keep fighting and writing because my words matter.  I could go on and on and on.  (By the way I'm not writing this in hopes of more generosity).  I'm writing this to say thank you to everyone for all the beautiful ways you encourage us.  All of it makes a difference for us.  It makes us feel valued.  It makes us feel hopeful.  It makes us want to give back.  I do want to also thank God, who continues to bless us generously as well.  I continue to feel great - I feel like I'm a walking miracle most days lately.  I do not feel like I have cancer, even my mobility has improved significantly in the past few weeks.  He continues to give us peace and reminders that He cares for us. This past year has been incredibly hard, but without our faith it would have been incredibly harder.

We have another huge event that we are immensely thankful for.  Our incredibly generous friends Bill and Dan have offered, or should I say insisted on putting on a fundraiser social/concert in my honour.  The proceeds from this event will be a huge gift in helping me continue with the natural medications that I am currently taking and would like to continue.  My medication plan is big and expensive, so this is a huge gift.  I don't even know half of the work that Bill and Dan have already put into planning this evening.  They purposefully keep me out of the loop because they don't want me to feel guilty.  Several friends from various circles in my life have generously offered to help these gentlemen sell tickets for this fundraiser.  It will be held at The Oak on Jan.17.  Four extremely talented bands will be performing and some fantastic silent auction prizes will be available.  I know that not everyone reading my blog would feel comfortable at this event, and we don't want anyone to feel obligated to come.  In fact, I feel a bit silly writing about this event on my own blog, but it's the least I could do for Bill and Dan who have put so much work into this.  I've attached a poster that they created if any of you would like more information about the evening.  Two types are tickets are available - for those who are able to attend and for those who can't but would like to support.  And for those of you who can make it.....thank you for your generosity.  We are blessed.

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