Sunday, 24 May 2015

Back from Memphis

I know lots of people check my blog regularly to check in on how I'm feeling.  I apologize for taking so long to post an update.  We decided to take a little family vacation somewhat last minute.  Actually we had planned it a long time ago; however, then the plan was to drive 20 hours to visit our good friends in Memphis.  My back pain was definitely not going to allow me to sit for that many consecutive hours, and we decided we would have to postpone our plans.  A few family members disagreed with us, and graciously offered to help pay for us to fly to Memphis, which only took 4 hours.  So we bought our tickets only a few days before we flew away for our week-long get away.   It was such a blessing to take a little break from life for all 4 of us.  Our dear Memphis friends welcomed us into their home and made sure our time away from home was as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  We ate amazing meals, visited the most interesting parts of Memphis, relaxed and got caught up on life.  Distance has definitely not affected our friendship.  Being in the presence of friends who care for us and love us so deeply was good for all of our souls.  I surprised myself on many occasions and did way more than I thought I could.  Before we left, I imagined my family would go off and enjoy tourist attractions while I rested by the pool.  But they were all patient with my slow pace and included me on all of their excursions; I toured the Civil Rights Museum, walked Beale Street, visited Graceland, and walked through a variety of downtown attractions.  Throughout our touring I was consistently reminded of suffering.  So many African Americans lived through extreme suffering as slaves.  They were treated with incredible injustice.  Martin Luther King Jr. died at a young age as he fought for justice and to end the suffering.   Even Elvis suffered; he died young because of his suffering.  Suffering is everywhere; it's a part of this life.  I was reminded that my suffering is small compared to so many others.  Suffering is a part of living on earth, so wishing it away is useless.  Injustice is also a part of this life that takes on so many forms.  This was good for my perspective, as I've been stuck feeling sorry for myself a lot lately.  I am tired of taking so much Advil.  I'm tired of always being in pain.  I'm tired of not sleeping more then 2 hours without waking up.  I'm tired of stomach pain from too many pain meds.  But it's my life right now.  It's what I've been dealt, so instead of wishing it all away I need to be thankful for what I can do, for the help that I'm getting, for the support I have as I keep moving forward.  Today I am especially thankful that I got to travel with my family.  I'm thankful that my pain is changing; as I have become more active, I have started experiencing some muscle building pain.  I'm thankful that I have time to take a nap most days to help make up for the loss of sleep.  I'm thankful that in this place where I have been extremely discouraged and frustrated, I have heard God say, "I will carry you" over and over.  I am extremely thankful that He has come through and carried me.  I could have never travelled without His strength.  Most mornings I couldn't get out of bed without His strength.  I'm also thankful for our upcoming summer.  It's my season of regaining strength and hopefully achieving better health all is what I still hope for.  It motivates me to keep going.


  1. I was thinking of you and praying you and your family would have a good time in Memphis. I'm glad you did!
    Hope your summer is good and you get more sleep.

  2. 'So glad Memphis was so positive and that you had strength to do so much. I'll be praying your summer brings many positive surprises as well. You and God are both in the business of amazing me!