Friday, 9 May 2014

Still Waiting

We are still waiting for my biopsy results.  I know lots of people have been checking the blog to find out what's going on.  Our silence is not bad news, we just don't know anything more yet.  We were supposed to receive them a week ago.  We found out yesterday there was a back log in pathology and my samples only got looked at this week.  They are currently being examined carefully (extra testing is required because it's radiated samples, which makes things more tricky).  We most likely will not get the results until next week sometime.

Thank you to everyone who is praying for us.  We know hundreds of you are praying, and we feel it.  We have this unexplainable peace as a whole family.  We know God is taking care of us and has the final say on these results.  We completely believe that whatever the results are, He will carry us through whatever we need to do next.  Please keep praying!  Pray for healing, calmness and PATIENCE.

I have filled my waiting time with painting....The only good part of having so much waiting time is that I've painted all the trim in my house (only 2 bedrooms left).  I feel really good and am able to be busy, which helps me get through each day.  Today I'm preparing for a garage sale tomorrow.  So my life looks and feels pretty normal, except every time the phone rings my heart starts racing. 

We will post news when we get it. 

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