Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Night of our Lives!

Wow we had such an incredible night last night.  Our fundraiser event surpassed our expectations in so many ways:

There were so many people!  It was so much fun to see so many people we hadn't seen in so long.  It was almost surreal to see so many people from so many different parts of our lives all in the same room.  There were a few times throughout the evening when I just stopped and looked over the sea of people and recognized so many.  We felt so loved and cherished!  We tried our best to make our rounds and at least say hi to as many people as we could.  We wished we could have sat and visited for longer with everyone that was there.  We apologize if you were there and our paths did not cross.

The entertainment was amazing!  All 4 bands were unique and so talented.

The prizes were huge!  As a result, many, many tickets were sold and some very lucky winners went home with lots of treasures.  

The whole night ran incredibly smoothly and was obviously well planned and so organized.

We felt incredibly encouraged by peoples' kinds words, the financial support we were given, and hope that filled the room.

to everyone who helped plan this event, who worked at it, who performed at it, who attended it, who supported us and who gave prizes.  You made this whole night possible, and it truly was an exceptional night.  I wish everyone could feel this loved and this special for one night!

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  1. Hi Melanie:
    You are an incrredible young woman. One of courage, determination, faith and love. Despite your fight for life, you meet the challenges of each day in a way that far surpasses any living being. Either in a way they could or would do. Reading your blogs over the months you were but a name to me. Apart from knowing of you and your family through Hilda and Dave I have not had the opportunity of meeing you for which I am sorry. Listening to you on Saturday night and seeing you in person I was blessed to see the person you really are. Although our paths did not cross on that wonderful evening Malanie, I feel as if I have known you for ever. You are truly an inspiration to all who meet you, whether they are family, friends of old, friends anew, A stranger in the audience who hears you speak for the first time. You are making a difference. Your talk to the grade 10 students will have touched many hearts and no doubt will save lives. Malanie I am so thankful that you have such a supportive family and many caring friends to help you along this journey. You seem to be much like my husband was, always concerned about others and caring about them. God has given you this time Malanie. Live your life to the fullest in whatever way you feel best. You, your hubby and children are in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to reading more from you. God be with you today and always. Margaret