Sunday, 15 March 2015

Pampered for a Day

The girls, my mom and I had an amazing experience this past Thursday.  We drove out to Morden to Pure Anada, a cosmetic store owned by Candace Grenier.   We had our hair styled and make up done.  Wow did we look good.  We should have taken before and after pictures because they really did an amazing transformation!  I was then fitted in some amazing clothes made by Heidi and Seek.   Then off to our photo shoot.  Thankfully the photographer was great at giving instructions and was so fun to work with.  Modelling does not come naturally to me, so I needed all the help I could get.  However, my youngest daughter loved the camera attention and ate it up.  It was a joy just to watch her.  My older daughter enjoyed it as well.  So why us?.....there is a campaign called "Causemetics".  "Causemetics" is a collection of cosmetic products made by a variety of all-natural, Canadian cosmetic companies.  The proceeds from this collection go to cancer research.  I was asked to be a part of a photo shoot to showcase the eyeshadow pallet that Pure Anada has made for the Causemetic collection.  Then the girls and my mom joined me for some Mother's Day photos for Pure Anada.  We all wore custom made necklaces from Marni Luhu in our photos.  The girls and my mom each got a necklace with their engraved first initial and my birthstone.  I got one with the girls names in a circle, mine and Darryl's name in a heart, the word hope engraved, a cross, and the cervical cancer gem.  It was such a special gift....the necklace really sums up my current life.  It's so beautiful.

So our make up was done by Kristin at Pure Anada.  Our hair was done across the street at Parlour 363.  My outfits were provided by Heidi and Seek.  Janet Haslam did the photo shoot.  The necklaces were made by Marla at Marni Luhu.  And all of it was orchestrated by Candace, who is my cousin.  Thank you to all of you for pampering us!   It was so was like a day vacation from reality.  It was really fun to get to do this with the girls and my mom.  It was a special day we will never forget.  I feel so honoured to be a part of a meaningful project, and I can't wait to see the final product.  This day is another gem for us as we travel this journey.  Somedays it feels like we're journeying through a dark cave, and every so often a beautiful gem is given to us to remind us that this journey does have purpose, that there are blessings along the way, and we are right where we're supposed to be

Mother's Day Shot

Adjustments during the photo shoot

Lots of Curls was fun for our typically straight hair.

I love this eye shadow; if only I could apply it this nicely!
Receiving our beautiful necklaces.