Friday, 27 December 2013

Half Way

Today I reached my half way mark through treatments.  My treatment plan is 6 weeks long and today I completed my third week. This feels like a big accomplishment!  I have 2 more chemo treatments, 13 external radiation treatments, and 3 internal radiation treatments.  So it's still a lot but I have 3 chemos and 12 radiations behind me.  It all feels a bit easier now that I know what to expect.  I have my routine figured out and know my way around Cancer Care like it's my second home.  I've become a familiar face to everyone who needs to know me at the hospital.  And I think I've gotten better at being okay with laying around and not doing much when I'm at home.  I guess you could say I've adapted to this new life, but believe me it's temporary!  I can't wait to feel healthy again.  I think my family has adapted as well.  The girls enjoy watching movies with me in the evenings, and are getting better at playing quietly while I nap.  Darryl has reorganized every corner of our house because he's been stuck at home with nothing to do while I'm resting.  This of course will change next week when he will also be resting.  So far, Jan. 2 is still surgery date. Darryl has had to go off all meds as of Christmas Day in preparation for surgery.  So far, he's felt pretty good.  We're hoping for 6 more good days for him.

We also got through "our worst Christmas ever".  This is what the doctors told us in November, "You will more then likely have the worst Christmas you've ever had."  And yes it was hard in many ways, but it was also special in many ways.  We spent a lot of it at home.  On Christmas Eve, I had chemo/radiation and thought I would be really sick.  But I felt great all evening.  We spent the evening visiting with friends and celebrating with our girls.   Giving the girls their gifts felt extra special this year.  They loved what we got them and were so appreciative.  On Christmas Day, Darryl's family came to our home to celebrate.  We enjoyed good food, games, gifts, and each other's company.  Some of us took naps during the day, but we were together.  On Boxing Day, my family came to our home for more good food, gifts, and games.  No one was in the hospital; we were all together.  So yes we stayed home and I felt tired and sick, but I was surrounded by all the things that mean the most to me.  Our youngest daughter shared with me as I tucked her into bed, "This is the best Christmas ever because we are focused on God and each other more then gifts because of your cancer."  This brought instant tears to my eyes.  And I have thought so much about it since she said it.  She is right; our family is experiencing God in a new way this year.  We are learning to trust him with every detail in our life.  We are seeing God provide for our family through so many different people around us.  We are learning to receive His supernatural peace that is helping us sleep and cope each day.  God is real.  He is fighting cancer in my body and preparing Darryl's for surgery.  He is helping our girls be okay with having sick parents and has brought key people around them to love them.  Some of you who are reading this may not even realize how God is using you to bless us.   So yes it was a difficult Christmas, but it was also a special Christmas.  It is one we will never forget.

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  1. Hi Melanie,

    So glad we have the ability to keep up with your journey. This blog will be an encouragement for all, for years/generations to come. I can't imagine what the past months have been like for you or your family. We have prayed often for all of you. What an awesome thing for T to say the other night as she went to bed! Perhaps these are the exact reasons why unimaginable obstacles are put before us. If I knew what I knew now, when I was younger, I wonder if I could have been a better encourager to my mom through her struggles. I wanted to share with you something that lifts me up when I am down.

    A few years ago, my anxiety flared up again and I thought I was going completely backwards. Each day seemed to pull me down deeper in despair when I picked up a book that had been laying around. It was called "Travelling Light" by Max Lucado. It is based on the 23rd Psalm and how we are called to leave our burdens at the foot of the cross. That book or namely, those verses saved my life. I often recite them to myself when I need reminding of what's important or what's worth fighting for. I hope it can be an encouragement to you as well in your time of need.

    Know that we continue to pray for you, Darryl, the girls and your family. Love you!

    cousin Chris