Monday, 9 December 2013

Twas the Night Before Treatments

It's been a while since I posted anything.  It's been a long two weeks of waiting, wondering and getting ready for Christmas.  But tomorrow my life becomes a rat race of medical appointments and hospital visits.  I start my chemo and radiation tomorrow.  I feel like the wait has been very long and it's hard to believe it's finally here.  I'm happy to finally do something about the cancer in my body.  Finally I will put something into my body to help fight against it.  At the same time I dread the side effects.  Will I be nauseous?  How tired will I get?  Will my skin burn?  Will I lose my appetite?  I have a very low risk of losing my hair, but how thin will it get?  As a result of so many unknowns in my life, my emotions seem to be on a roller coaster all the time:  one minute scared, the next relieved, the next anxious, the next calm.  I am typically a pretty even-emotional person.  So this has been new for me and everyone around me.  I do know that I feel less anxiety when I'm at the hospital.  When I'm there, cancer treatment is the norm.  Everyone is doing it.  When I'm at home, it feels like everyone's life around me is continuing as usual, but mine.  So cancer treatments feel scary and unknown.   On top of all of my unknowns, come Darryl's unknowns.  We talked to his medical team today.  So far everything is good for Dec. 17.  (We hope he does not get bumped by an emergency).   We wonder how will my treatment schedule coordinate with his surgery and hospital stay.  The one good thing is that we will at least be at the same hospital.  We've had to make arrangements for his surgeon to give me updates on my phone (in the chemo room) on the day of surgery.  Crazy!!!!  I hope all I hear that day is "everything is going smoothly".  So as many people are anxiously waiting for Christmas and counting down the days.  We are anxiously waiting to see how life will unfold with treatments and surgery.  We are counting down the days until Darryl can return home from the hospital and hoping it's before Christmas.  I'm counting down the days until treatments will be done.   Today I came across a verse, "For nothing is impossible with God" Luke 1:37 What a relief, because the next two weeks feel like a mountain in front of us!

We have continued to receive so much support from many friends.  Our ultimate team (We Love Frisbee) put on a family bowling night for us last night.  So many people made it out and your generosity was so appreciated!  My staff/previous staff got together and bought us snow removal for the winter!  So happy to not have to shovel!  We continue to have amazing meals delivered to our door everyday.  Our girls have started making fun plans with various families, so they won't be stuck with sleeping parents for all of their holidays!  We have daily phone calls and e-mails encouraging us.  We have had hundreds of people tell us they are praying for us.  We continue to be thankful and focus on all these good things which continue to give us hope that we will climb this mountain and make it to the other side!

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  1. Lifting you and the family up in prayer. May God give you comfort.He is ALWAYS right there with you. Hugs.