Monday, 25 November 2013

A Plan and Protein Shakes

I finally have a plan in place.  My doctors met, discussed, and came to a consensus.   I start my road to a cure tomorrow.  I'm going to the Cancer Care radiation clinic to be scanned and marked for radiation treatments.  Then the team working with me needs two weeks to plan dosages and precise procedures.   My first day of chemo/radiation begins on Dec.10.  Most likely, every Tuesday will be my long day (chemo and radiation).  All the other days of the week will be just radiation.  This will go on for 5 weeks.  The only days I get off are Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  So I'm sure I'll be tired of the hospital by the time my 5 weeks are over.   The best part of my conversation with my doctor today was when he said, "We are treating you with a cure as our goal, not just to shrink your tumour, to rid you of cancer".  I hope this goal is achieved in the next 7 weeks of my life.

 I'm supposed to concentrate on resting and gaining weight for the next 2 weeks - I guess there's a first for everything! As my nurse said, "Make every calorie count".   I was told eat green vegetables, but melt cheese on them.  Don't drink skim milk, drink whole milk.  Use lots of butter, cream cheese and sour cream.   So I'm trying.  I've also started making green juice for breakfast everyday and protein shakes for snacks.  The green juice is a bit difficult, I'm hoping it's an "acquired taste" that I can acquire soon.

It actually feels really good to have a plan in place (it's a plan I had hoped to avoid my whole life), but at least now I know what is going to take place.  And I can honestly say, I continue to have a supernatural sence of peace about everything going on in my life.  I know that God is carrying me through this journey.  This summer I was privileged to travel to Bolivia with a team from my church.  It was a life changing experience for me.  One of the lessons that I came home with from my trip is that "God will always give me enough to get through what I need to for TODAY." I observed people living in poverty, and trusting God for their daily basic needs.  He didn't give them lots of extras, but he gave enough.  My needs are different then food and water; I need courage, physical strength, and peace of mind.  But I know if I trust God, he will give me enough for each day of treatment, maybe not a lot extra, but enough.  Knowing this gives me peace and hope.

Off to drink one more protein shake and enjoy the Jets game with Darryl.


  1. :) gaining weight...immediately, I thot, "a Christmas Family Gathering on Sunday would certainly fit into that plan!" If we see you, Fantastic! If you're not up to it...TOTALLY understand! We continue to pray for God's peace and miracles in whatever way brings Him the most glory.

  2. Hooray for a plan! And I've always had this feeling that some extra "meat on the bones" is a good I have proof! :) And we are praying for that cure!
    Eleanor (& Darrell!)

  3. HI,just wanted you to know that you and the family are in my prayers. May God give you His supernatural strength and peace.
    Ruth Hiebert

  4. `Awesome , news !!!! Yes its great to have a plan ,, Ive always believed anyone with a bit more weight can have more strength for these issues , Happy Eating , Eat all the things you love !!!!!!

  5. Praying fro "Just enough" each day.

  6. You are prayed for often.... Thank you for sharing and updating. And Dad's dr. would tell you, protein is so good for you, eat lots of it. Cancer likes carbs and sugars, that is what it feeds off of, but protein - doesn't know what to do with it. To you and Darryl, I pray that God's peace that passes all understanding will be with you and cover you.

    Ang Nickel (penner) in case you forgot!!!!!